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Soo..quite a few things going on...first off, I have the birthday this weekend. 25 is a SCARY age! I remember thinking about 25 when I was back in high school & all that I wanted to have accomplished by then.....doesn't always work out that way! I was on the right track when I lived in Indianapolis...but oh well. I'm still making it-somewhat :)
I found out today that I will be going to Cincinnati next week for training instead of Indianapolis. The training class is supposed to be really big..so hopefully they will all know places to go and everything. I was excited about Indianapolis, but the training there was canceled. It might be fun...who knows.
So for the first time in 2006 I am not "talking" (lol) to anyone! I don't know what my deal is with guys lately..or what guys' deals are with me, but it seems like none of them are ready to grow up. I am, so I'm not really sure what to do! Its too bad though, I met a guy a couple of weeks ago that isn't really my type..but so freaking nice I liked him right off. He seems pretty up and down with the whole thing, so I just thought it would be better to let it go before I end up really into him and getting disappointed. Probably not the best way to be, but I'm freaking scared of boys and never know what to do!
Natalie is coming down this weekend! YAY! She has a wedding to go to in Jasper on Saturday, but then Saturday night its OUT FOR MY BDAY! Woohoo! Free drinks! Sunday we have Crystal's baby shower. I am really excited to see her, but I think I'll have to leave early to make it to Cincinnati at a decent time :( Sad. Anyway, I have some unpacking to do..I finally loaded up all the liquor from the old apartment and moved it over here...now I know why my fridge looked so empty!
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