taylee5 (taylee5) wrote,


Amber & Natalie came down Friday night. I was SO happy to see them....it seems like its been forever. I took them to the lil hick bar in Fort Branch. They actually liked it!!! Natalie had to drive us home...eek. lol.
Saturday we went to Fort Knox. Amber and I had to be the lucky car that they wanted to search as we were driving on post. Somehow we got out of it :) We stayed with Crystal and Ryan!!! :) I somehow lost my debit card. I didn't drink that much at the bar cuz I was still sick from the night before. blah. We drove around the barracks 50 million times looking for some "HAC" for Natalie and me too, I guess. I didn't get any calls because cingular does not work on the base. So, sorry if u called me.
Sunday, I stopped in Corydon to buy these shoes I saw the day before. That's when I realized my debit card was gone....at least I got it cancelled!
Now Taylor is here trying to grab EVERYTHING and I need to go tan so thats it
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