taylee5 (taylee5) wrote,

An update!!!

Yay! An update! I come to lj every other day or so...to read the friends' stuff, of course :) but I'm always a bad updater :P
So, my job sucks. I guess everyone's does...but I tolerate it cuz I <3 the people I work with (for the most part). Well, now Heather quit, Cora quit, Maegan's last day is Tuesday. The only ppl left of my friends is Kyleigh & Kandra! boo!
Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. I dunno what Mexicans do on that holiday, but I plan on drinking lots n lots of Corona & Tequila at the hick bars.. :) I'm going to lunch with Maegan tomorrow & doing some shopping... AND THE BEST PART is Natalie and Amber are coming down...gonna be lots of fun!!!!
Saturday we are going to Ft. Knox to see Crystal and Ryan's new place! Then we're going out in Louisville..should be extra fun cuz its Derby weekend! Maybe I'll meet famous people....yay.
Crystal is having a BABY! I'm SO freakin excited about that..just wish she still lived in the next town over!
Well, enough updating...I tivo'ed the OC and now I must watch it!
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