taylee5 (taylee5) wrote,


I just got this letter on my door saying that I need to stop having loud parties cuz I have a neighbor who's complaining. Umm? I don't even know enough people around here anymore to have a party lol. It said my neighbors need to get up for work or school and I am disturbing them (none of them work! I'm the only one in this whole building!) and all the kids here are too young for school. So yeah, what the fuck. I have this ghetto ass fat white girl next door who likes to have a different *nigga* (lol) over every night and listen to "that kind" of music...so I guess I should complain on them. My neighbor below me is a jealous wife and yells at her husband and slams doors all night. Across the hall, they've got some retarded girl living with them right now so there are alarms on all the doors in their apartment and no one seems to know how to turn them off. The cops came to another one in my building for domestic violence just last week. Ok....and I'm in trouble for having "crazy parties"..........weird. I haven't had a party since Indianapolis-and still there weren't any complaints. Good thing I'm moving soon!
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