taylee5 (taylee5) wrote,


I don't sleep much..2:30 am and I'm here bored. Not tired. I didn't go to work tonight-opted for bowling with Matt instead. We went to Fox & Hound after that for some drinks (too many drinks!) and I tried to help him pick up girls :) He kept saying no cuz he was with me. Ew. No thanks! So, we went to pick up Taylor afterwards and he got all pissed off. He came back to my house for an hour and got pissed again cuz I didn't want to sit by him or something. I told him to go home. I just don't see him as any more than a friend and if I ever did (I wouldn't..but still) the whole getting pissed because I had to get my daughter thing ruined it.
So there's the second guy this week that has completely weirded me out (my little high school friend went crazy yesterday)...and its just Wednesday...wonder how the rest of the week will be!
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