taylee5 (taylee5) wrote,

not too entertaining.....

I was supposed to take Taylor to the doctor for one of those well-baby check ups today. I rescheduled that and we went shopping instead :) I GOT PANTS THAT FIT! YAY! All my jeans are like a size or 2 too big, so I was really excited. Taylor got some PJs. :) We went back home and TAYLOR TOOK HER FIRST STEP! It was really cute, she was so happy!!! I messaged Joe-stupid me, thinking he'd care, oh well.
Tonight was my boss' last night for 6 weeks...damn maternity leave!!! She lasted way longer than I did when I was pregnant though. She has a planned c-section for Friday. I wish mine would've been planned..it would have been so much easier and I wouldn't have had to spend 7 days in the hospital!!! Anyway, she is having her 3rd girl...Jaylin Amira..I think that's how she's spelling it. I'm happy for her but work is going to FUCKING SUCK the next 6 weeks!
Guess I'd better go to sleep. My eye has been hurting since Saturday like someone punched me in the side of my face...ouch...probably just strained from no sleep!
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