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Busy + Tired....yay

Don't remember when I updated this last....oh well. I went to Indy EARLY Saturday morning. Taylor and I left the house at 8..I can't even remember the last time I was up that early. We went to Bedford and picked Jessica up and headed to Indy. We stopped at Starbucks on the way and talked to the little guy at the drive thru thing...poor guy said "welcome to starbucks, this is caleb" and we said hi caleb...he was like 'hi..i can't see you so i don't know who you are' we told him he didn't know us and he asked how we knew his name (wow..dumb). We said we were psychic and he asked us to guess his last name...a line was forming behind us so we just went to the window. He looked like Benji from Good Charlotte *haha*..so I told him that and he is like Well I know who they are but I don't know who that is....is that a good thing? I just said sure and we drove off. Ya, he wasn't cute...pretty exciting huh. Soooooo we met up with Taylor's grandma in Fishers and she went off with her. We went shopping and then went out around 11. It was wayyyyyyyy too cold out for what we were wearing, but its not like you can wear a sweater to clubs, so we had to deal with it. We went to Seven first. Ya, that place will be closed REALLY soon. The guys in front of us couldn't get in b/c of their shoes. We get inside and it was like fraternity guys and 30 something y/o women. OH and to get to one of the bars you have to go up a million different stairs and its like a maze. That's fine if you're sober, but I was scared of falling down all those steps (lol)..so we just went to the vogue. $10 cover! because of mardi gras..wtf...they had these little masks and boas everywhere, so I guess that's what the $10 was for. I saw my bartender again and she said I looked good..lol..Jessica said she was a lesbian..whatever she bought me a drink so I don't care :D Anyway, we didn't drink all that much. I just don't feel like drinking lately and the last time I felt like that I was pregnant..fuck that..no more kids. I love the one I have but NO MORE right now! Ya, anyway...sorry if this next part gets a little graphic-but whatever. We decided to go dance...bad idea! I felt some guy dancing behind me..I turned around a little just to make sure he wasn't a little Mexican (I know that sounds bad but...ew)..he was okay..so I danced with him. Now I've met a lot of people on that dance floor..and I've kissed some random guys when I've been drinking too much...not a big deal..but this guy put his freaking hands down my pants...AH! I just jumped on natalie, literally..and kinda moved behind her and then left the floor..that was gross...like foam party gross. If you're a guy..don't ever do that...bad! I wanted to go to some other bars, but Jessica found this guy (DAVE) that she liked so we stuck around. This group of black guys + one ghetto white guy kept starring at us...we were interested in these other guys that looked about 17 (lol). We ignored the ghetto group and got ready to leave and they cornered us. I got the ghetto white guy..HAHAHA. He put his # in my phone..Carl..no idea why that is so funny to me..but Carl? Yeah, don't think I'll be using that number. Went back to Natalie's house...I went RIGHT to sleep and woke up to a billion texts..slept right through them which never happens so I must have been REALLY tired. We wandered around Indy til about 5...got Taylor and went back home. Taylor was PISSED..she didn't like the car ride at all. Poor kid.
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